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Mental health is a journey.

Here at Tethra, we're creating software that helps clinicians and patients work together to achieve wellness.

Data drives treatment, but treatment professionals shouldn't be hyper-focussed on collecting metrics.

Anna, Tethra's machine-learning integrated clinician platform, frees mental health professionals to focus on the human element of therapy and to be completely present "in the room".


Be where life happens.

Anna allows clinicians to capture psychometric and biometric data beyond the office, securely and privately, with a intuitive app-based interface that promotes patient engagement and collaboration.

Beyond homework and SMART

Treatment goals and skills are reinforced through a gamified and engaging environment that is tailored to the treatment modality and orientation of the clinician.

Whether you practice cognitive or insight-orientated therapy, our customizable tools and tasks help clinicians engage their patients creatively and consistently to achieve results beyond time in-session.

Improved supervision

Anna's data capturing and affective computing capabilities give treatment teams granular and robust insights into the treatment process of each patient.

This capacity improves the fidelity of case conceptualization, addresses bias and transference issues, and takes clinical supervision into the 21st century and beyond simple recording or recounting of session content. 

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